November 2020

Hello, November…

We are in lockdown once again here in Winnipeg, due to the staggeringly high rates of Covid-19. It’s hard to believe that at one point we only had ONE active case here during summer.

I’ve continued to paint, do commissions, make masks, sell coasters, but I was really hopeful that I would be able to do an actual in-person show sometime soon. I’ll keep prepping for 2021.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a gift for Christmas, I have a LOT of art to sell. All prints, canvases and originals will come with a complimentary face mask of mine. You’ll be helping me pay to stay cost-neutral for supplies but also (now) for another cat to keep my child company in this time of annexed in-person friendships. What a way to be 12. I feel for her; it’s nothing of the way we grew up.

I have found an incredible supplier of round mattes finally, and am looking forward to getting some of the circles into shape to be frame-ready.

If you are wanting one of a kind custom Christmas cards this year, let me know, I will make you a set just for you.

Stay safe, be cozy…try to keep going as best you can. It’s not easy.

Much love,



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